Many forex automated trade programs promise big overnight profits with no effort required from you, but don’t get pulled into this easy forex scam, read my full account here.

I got pulled into purchasing more than a few automated trade programs which turned out to be an easy forex scam to get sucked into after being lured in by testimonials and proven performance and “backtests”. Typically I would pay my money and these systems were up and running quickly enough. I made a small investment for them to toy with. Most of them didn’t do much of anything at first, but eventually I would check into my balance in their respective accounts and find that I was slowly losing money each time.

Upon investigation of many of these system’s track record in my campaign, I found and my major complaint was that most of these systems traded much too recklessly. Ultimately they would always came out behind, on average losing 20% of my initial investment. I mean many systems’ sole purpose is to make you money, when they’re doing just the opposite it’s time to cut the cord and blow the whistle.

I’ve subsequently gotten into a new automated trade program known as FAP Turbo. With this system I’ve consistently made money each week I’ve let it run and the reason is simple. The fundamental, important difference between the easy forex scam that is most of these other programs and FAP Turbo is that it focuses entirely on lower risk/reward trades.

In essence, FAP Turbo doesn’t do anything that a high profile full service broker couldn’t do. But the difference is that it trades in your service 24/7 without charging you fees or commissions on your gains. It’s like having a full time forex trader in charge of your money who knows what he’s doing and makes the right moves constantly, but for a one time cost.

Don’t get pulled into the same easy forex scam as I did. If you don’t have or want to take the time to learn the forex industry, I heartily endorse FAP Turbo and can vouch for its winning trade rate. I even put together a much more elaborate in depth review at 
and also included the option to test it completely risk free through their website to see for yourself how effective and adept this system is at making everyday people real automated, no hassle profits in the forex world.