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The status of “Travellers” was created in 1970 and involved nearly 400,000 people, with the exception of Roma. Explanations.

• Who are the Travellers? In France, we use indifferently the terms “-Gypsy,” “Roma” or “Gypsy” but yet they cover different things.

The status of “Travellers” was created by the administration in 1969. He describes the people who usually reside in mobile homes land (caravan, mobile home). They have French nationality and are in possession of evidence of movement. The Roma do not fit into this administrative category. For the National Advisory Committee on Travellers chaired by Senator Pierre Herisson, the “Roma” are “foreign nationals of the European Union, who come mainly from Romania and Bulgaria.

The term “Travellers”, which avoids the “racialization” is used in France and Belgium. Other EU states and European institutions employ the word “Roma” to refer to all of their Gypsy populations. This name, meaning “man” in the Romany language, has become widespread in the 70s, to the point of supplanting the other terms.

The communities are very diverse. In Andalusia and in the Camargue, one speaks of “gypsies”, a deformation of “Egyptians” because the first arrived in western Europe said they were from “Little Egypt” (Byzantine Greek). Those who have lived in speaking countries are called “gypsies” – they are present in France since the fifteenth century – but it also speaks of “gypsies” and “Sinti”, or “Gypsy” (Greek athyinganis ” those who do not touch “because they hailed originally holding hands together).

• How are they? According to the census, the community of Travellers and Roma is estimated between 300,000 to 400,000 people. The director of the national federation of associations of solidarity action with the Gypsy and Traveller Stéphane Lévêque advance him the figure of 400,000 to 500,000 travelers and 15,000 to 20,000 Roma.

Approximately one third of travelers remained homeless, one third are semi-sedentary and third are sedentary but travel during the summer. “All travelers have a territorial base said accompanied periods of roaming, especially in the summer, when the tourist season in full swing, observes Stephane Leveque. Travellers are often street vendors, artisans or seasonal.

• What obligations should they meet? At age 16, a member of the Traveller community should be attached administratively to a municipality and hold a title of movement. To be, he must make a reasoned request (for family or professional). If the mayor and the prefect accept, the connection is delivered for a minimum of two years.

To access the vote, an individual must assert a connection of three continuous years. Stricter requirements than those requested for the homeless who are required within six months of attachment.

Many travel passes more or less restrictive exist: the “special booklet” for those who have jobs and families traveling, “the booklet” for pensioners, and unemployed workers and “outstanding book” for those which did have no regular income.

The “special booklet” not accompanied by any visa while the “book” must be mentioned once a year by the police or gendarmerie.

The “book” imposes the most stringent requirements. It must be stamped every three months by the police or gendarmerie. In case of non compliance, the offender faces three months to one year in prison.

• direct debit. Travellers are classified as “no fixed abode”, the caravan is not considered a dwelling. Since 2000, legislation requires municipalities with more than 5,000 people to make reception areas. For a site that can be stored for three to nine months, he must apply at the town hall. However places are rare – only 42% of areas had been put in place in late 2008 – and are less than the numbers of applications. Which, in case of refusal, forcing applicants to illegal parking spontaneous laments Stephane Leveque, who said “we do wear Travellers deficiencies of the state.

The land for private use is also highly regulated. A holder of a “family plot” must obtain a permit when parking is an annual duration exceeds three months. The permit is valid for three years and is renewable.
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It may seem like a good idea at first, after all, what can be so wrong about getting romantically involved with someone at work? Well, think again – it is not only because your company might have a strong rule against romance with a co-worker or someone in the same department. There are other things involved here than just rules. You’d better think twice, and ask yourself if you are ready to handle an office romance, before you even think about flirting with the gorgeous hunk sitting next to you.

There is nothing unusual about being attracted to people you work with. After all, you are often with these people at least eight hours a day and they may be the first ones to ask you out for a drink after a long day at work. Socializing after a long day’s work can be good for establishing camaraderie which can make your office hours less strenuous, but there is every bit of possibility that those happy hours may lead to your developing a romance with a co-worker.

If this happens, ask yourself if you are prepared for all the distractions that you and your boyfriend would have to face because a new romance is just too difficult to ignore. Think how many times you may have to sneak into his cubicle just to hear his voice, touch his hand or sneak a kiss. Would you be able to concentrate on your job, knowing that your guy is just a few feet away from you?

Remember also that you and your new love may be the most current talk of the town and every single action that you make is under the public’s scrutiny. When your guards are down, you may suddenly overhear a group of officemates talking about you and your new romance.

It will become increasingly difficult to keep the relationship private, when every little argument that you may have with your boyfriend will be circulated in the office grapevine.

You will find out sooner or later that you are always being watched. What can be more worse than this situation is if you end up dating your boss! He may be your immediate boss or one of the top guys in the company, but whoever he may be, you may easily be judged as a social climber, an opportunist who will stop at nothing just to get to the top.

You will be the subject of envy and you will most probably earn a lot of enemies. Thus, if you are seriously considering getting involved with your office mate or even worse, the boss, consider the possibility of moving to another department or even another company, just to create some good distance between you and your new love. This way, your relationship may stand a good chance of surviving, without the nosy comments from your co-workers.
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When you read advertisements regarding trading systems for stocks, commodities or currencies (forex), most of the advertisements tout a high percentage of winners. At the bottom of the advertisement, there is a disclaimer that states that hypothetical performance is not indicative of future results. The bottom line is that if a trading system were indeed so powerful, it would be sold to the public.

Too often, new traders are focused on trying to find the Holy Grail of trading. They buy books and trading systems that imply performance that will make you a millionaire within a couple years. They show 80% to 90% winners, meaning that the system is just like an ATM machine. Yet, it is widely known that 90% of all traders fail.

Professional traders understand that it is not the system or strategy for entering and exiting trades that will make a trader wildly profitable. Traders need to learn how to manage their risk and how to preserve capital during times when the system or strategy is not performing very well.

So what are the characteristics of a good trading system or strategy? Well, the main thing is that it must provide the trader with a defined edge. This edge simply means that, over the long run, there is a probability of success. For instance, all games in a gambling house provide an edge to the house. Therefore, in the long run, the house is always profitable, because it systematically employs this edge ALL the time. This edge may only be that the house wins 51% of the time. But if the payout is the same, whether the house wins or loses, it will come out on top in the long run.

This is why gaming theory is often employed in strategy and system development by professional traders and trading firms. They are constantly looking for new edges in the market, because often times old edges get discovered by too many market participants, and that results in that edge disappearing over time. This is the case with many trend following trading systems in the commodities markets.

However, most new traders are more concerned with having a high percentage of winners, and they develop unrealistic expectations. On the other hand, professional traders know that they can be profitable in the long run even if they only have 35% to 40% winners. They understand that if they make significantly more money on their winning trades than they lose on their losing trades, they will make money in the long run. Professional traders are generally not concerned with trying to be profitable every day or even every week. They know that if they have a decent edge, they will be profitable most months. If a traders is profitable 8 months out of 10, then that is a pretty good track record. Only a handful of hedge funds have ever been that consistently profitable.

So when looking at trading systems, or trying to develop your own, focus more on developing an edge that will be profitable in the long run. After that, you must simply develop the discipline to stick with it, and that is where most traders fail.
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I got pulled into purchasing more than a few automated trade programs which turned out to be an easy forex scam to get sucked into after being lured in by testimonials and proven performance and “backtests”. Typically I would pay my money and these systems were up and running quickly enough. I made a small investment for them to toy with. Most of them didn’t do much of anything at first, but eventually I would check into my balance in their respective accounts and find that I was slowly losing money each time.

Upon investigation of many of these system’s track record in my campaign, I found and my major complaint was that most of these systems traded much too recklessly. Ultimately they would always came out behind, on average losing 20% of my initial investment. I mean many systems’ sole purpose is to make you money, when they’re doing just the opposite it’s time to cut the cord and blow the whistle.

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