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It may seem like a good idea at first, after all, what can be so wrong about getting romantically involved with someone at work? Well, think again – it is not only because your company might have a strong rule against romance with a co-worker or someone in the same department. There are other things involved here than just rules. You’d better think twice, and ask yourself if you are ready to handle an office romance, before you even think about flirting with the gorgeous hunk sitting next to you.

There is nothing unusual about being attracted to people you work with. After all, you are often with these people at least eight hours a day and they may be the first ones to ask you out for a drink after a long day at work. Socializing after a long day’s work can be good for establishing camaraderie which can make your office hours less strenuous, but there is every bit of possibility that those happy hours may lead to your developing a romance with a co-worker.

If this happens, ask yourself if you are prepared for all the distractions that you and your boyfriend would have to face because a new romance is just too difficult to ignore. Think how many times you may have to sneak into his cubicle just to hear his voice, touch his hand or sneak a kiss. Would you be able to concentrate on your job, knowing that your guy is just a few feet away from you?

Remember also that you and your new love may be the most current talk of the town and every single action that you make is under the public’s scrutiny. When your guards are down, you may suddenly overhear a group of officemates talking about you and your new romance.

It will become increasingly difficult to keep the relationship private, when every little argument that you may have with your boyfriend will be circulated in the office grapevine.

You will find out sooner or later that you are always being watched. What can be more worse than this situation is if you end up dating your boss! He may be your immediate boss or one of the top guys in the company, but whoever he may be, you may easily be judged as a social climber, an opportunist who will stop at nothing just to get to the top.

You will be the subject of envy and you will most probably earn a lot of enemies. Thus, if you are seriously considering getting involved with your office mate or even worse, the boss, consider the possibility of moving to another department or even another company, just to create some good distance between you and your new love. This way, your relationship may stand a good chance of surviving, without the nosy comments from your co-workers.
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When you read advertisements regarding trading systems for stocks, commodities or currencies (forex), most of the advertisements tout a high percentage of winners. At the bottom of the advertisement, there is a disclaimer that states that hypothetical performance is not indicative of future results. The bottom line is that if a trading system were indeed so powerful, it would be sold to the public.

Too often, new traders are focused on trying to find the Holy Grail of trading. They buy books and trading systems that imply performance that will make you a millionaire within a couple years. They show 80% to 90% winners, meaning that the system is just like an ATM machine. Yet, it is widely known that 90% of all traders fail.

Professional traders understand that it is not the system or strategy for entering and exiting trades that will make a trader wildly profitable. Traders need to learn how to manage their risk and how to preserve capital during times when the system or strategy is not performing very well.

So what are the characteristics of a good trading system or strategy? Well, the main thing is that it must provide the trader with a defined edge. This edge simply means that, over the long run, there is a probability of success. For instance, all games in a gambling house provide an edge to the house. Therefore, in the long run, the house is always profitable, because it systematically employs this edge ALL the time. This edge may only be that the house wins 51% of the time. But if the payout is the same, whether the house wins or loses, it will come out on top in the long run.

This is why gaming theory is often employed in strategy and system development by professional traders and trading firms. They are constantly looking for new edges in the market, because often times old edges get discovered by too many market participants, and that results in that edge disappearing over time. This is the case with many trend following trading systems in the commodities markets.

However, most new traders are more concerned with having a high percentage of winners, and they develop unrealistic expectations. On the other hand, professional traders know that they can be profitable in the long run even if they only have 35% to 40% winners. They understand that if they make significantly more money on their winning trades than they lose on their losing trades, they will make money in the long run. Professional traders are generally not concerned with trying to be profitable every day or even every week. They know that if they have a decent edge, they will be profitable most months. If a traders is profitable 8 months out of 10, then that is a pretty good track record. Only a handful of hedge funds have ever been that consistently profitable.

So when looking at trading systems, or trying to develop your own, focus more on developing an edge that will be profitable in the long run. After that, you must simply develop the discipline to stick with it, and that is where most traders fail.
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With 130,000 available hotel rooms (148,978 if you throw in Nye County and Laughlin) you might think there would be a “Deals” to be found. You would most likely be wrong! Finding a “deal” in a city whose Major Resort properties run near capacity is becoming increasingly difficult. Why? Because the top resort properties are controlled by a select group of companies that have no incentive to discount.

Vegas’ Law of Supply and Demand

Consider for a moment the simple law of “Supply and Demand”. When the supply is high and the demand is low the prices drop. Vegas is a boomtown, the demand is high and the supply is low. How could that be with 130,000 rooms? The answer is simple: 30 million annual visitors and growing! In fact the growth rate is so phenomenal that Mega Resorts like Mandalay Bay (43 story $375 million Spa Tower featuring 1,120 Suites completed in December 2004) and The Venetian (currently expanding) and the recently completed $2.4 Billion Wynn Las Vegas (Opened April 2005) are adding thousands of rooms to the “Heart of the Strip”. So phenomenal is the growth that even out of State Financiers like Donald Trump are getting in on the action. The Demand for Rooms is exceeding the supply so the prices are rising!

According to an interview published July 30, 2004 in USA Today Trump’s plans include a 64-story hotel-condominium tower to be built on a portion of the Frontier Hotel property across from the Wynn Las Vegas Resort and next to the Fashion Show Mall.

Scheduled to begin construction sometime in 2005 the $300 million project will feature 1,000 hotel rooms, and 50 luxury residential units modeled after the Trump International Hotel and Tower in New York. There will be no Casino on the property.

Only 10% of Las Vegas Hotels are Booked Online

In several articles I’ve researched this year published in various Business Journals and by Hotel Industry analysts the actual booking rate for Hotels offering online services to their visitors is approximately 10% Nationwide. This I believe to be an accurate representation of Las Vegas as well. (Our company runs several websites offering Hotel Booking and these numbers are in line with our own).

Further Proof: “Only about 10 percent of our rooms are booked at Hyatt.COM,” said Gary Gotling, director of sales and marketing for Hyatt Regency Tampa.

This means 90% of you are using the Internet to gather information, but are not actually making your reservation Online! Traditional Travel Agents and telephone calls are still the preferred method of booking. The Internet is being used as an information gathering source, and little more. The big Players know this and use it to their advantage. Again there is no incentive to offer lower rates if your customers don’t take advantage of them. I’ll touch briefly on the issue of Room Taxation by saying that most local Governments hate the internet because rooms booked online by out of State interests are cutting into their available tax pool. Expect local Government officials to act sooner than later on this issue.

So where does your money go when you book online?

If you search you’ll find they are owned by Greenspun Media Group (Henderson, NV) which publishes the Las Vegas Sun Daily Newspaper, and owns Vegas Magazine, Showbiz Weekly, In Business, Las Vegas Weekly, VegasGolfer, Las Vegas Life, and The Ralston Report. Greenspun Media is part of the Greenspun Corporation, which also owns local Channel 25 UPN. Greenspun is a partner in Las Vegas ONE, an all-news cable channel. American Nevada, the real estate division of The Greenspun Corporation, is among the most recognized commercial and residential developers in the Las Vegas valley. Their annual advertising budget exceeds 7 figures! Somebody has to pay the price for all that advertising.

You might try the popular website which has an interesting and storied history. The site Domain was licensed in 2002 from the Stephens Media Group of Littlerock Arkansas (Las Vegas Review Journal, to the Mandalay Resort Group and Parkplace Entertainment. Follow along now – 2004 Park Place became Caesars Entertainment, which in turn was purchased by Harrah’s Entertainment. This deal came just one month after MGM/Mirage agreed to purchase the Mandalay Resort Group. Need a room on the strip? Hmmm – I think the pricing is going to be pretty consistent! And to think that you could have owned

 late as 1997!

If the woman you love thinks that you are worth for something, then you got to be worth for it. You will try hard to live up to her expectations. A woman can encourage and motivate you like no other thing or person in the world. Therein lays the advantage of being with a great girl. If she likes you, she will make sure that you become the best you possibly can and the best she possibly can have.

A guy will try to break all boundaries to do things that will get the woman of his dreams closer to him. It’s not just about lust that we are speaking of but it’s about the feel of being with the girl that brings out the best in the man. There is a lot of positive energy that a man uses to do things to impress the girl, but if this energy can somehow be transmuted towards something more productive, it helps in the long run. But this can only be made possible by that pretty thing that you have set your heart upon.

A little touch of support and curt words that tell you that she is with you all along, both in good and bad times will boost you up. While a guy always tries to please the girl at each turn, he in a way is controlled unknowingly by the same. It is for the woman to realize how she can help the guy who loves her so much.

In certain situations it’s their girlfriends and wives that a guy turns to for advise rather than their best friends or parents. Well…it’s the nature of a man and you cannot blame the species for it. While they look ruff and tuff, they are pretty soft from inside. However every guy or for that matter any person regardless of the sex has a lot of potential but it needs a good catalyst to divert all the energy in a positive direction.

A boy behaves at his best when in the presence of his girlfriend. He will follow the etiquette written in the book to show that he is the best person she can have. So why not use it for the betterment of his?

Sex desire is the most powerful of all human desires. Driven by this, a man develops will power, courage, persistence, keen imagination and creative genius that were earlier unknown to him. The call is so impelling that the man will even risk his reputation and life to achieve it. But if it is properly harnessed and it gets redirected along better lines, the motivation maintains all the above mentioned attributes. Be it in the field of art, literature, or any profession, these forces can work in bringing greatness. The only thing that is needed as we said is a catalyst in the form of a woman.

History has proven many a times how great a role a woman plays in creating a great leader, the best example being Napoleon Bonaparte. So why can’t you?

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In recent years, the natural personal care market has grown by leaps and bounds. In fact, this niche now comprises a growing segment of the beauty market. Consumers have developed a strong interest in beauty items such as natural shampoo and conditioner, soap, facial care and body care products. This is more than just a passing trend as more and more consumers discover the myriad of benefits associated with these items.

One of the main advantages driving consumer consumption of natural products is the fact that they are, in fact, “nature” based. This means that consumers do not have to worry about the presence of such items as sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates in their facial, hair, and body care items. In addition, there is no PABA or parabens contained in these items. This is extremely important to many consumers who are concerned about the impact that such ingredients could have upon one’s health.

There are many other benefits linked to natural personal care products as well. Consumers who are also concerned about the use of animals in the production and testing of products will be pleased to know that this is not an issue with some natural personal care products. This is because no animal by-products are used in these items. Furthermore, there is no animal testing conducted in the manufacturing of some all natural products. This ensures that conscientious consumers can enjoy high quality health and beauty care without worrying about the impact of such goods on the animal population.

Many natural personal care products are also environmentally friendly because they are bio-degradable. This is a benefit that cannot be associated with most commercial health and beauty items. Through the use of completely natural personal care items, consumers can rest easy knowing they are not damaging the environment.

A wide range of natural health and beauty items are now available today. Consumers can choose products for every aspect of their hygiene regimen. Some also offer another distinct advantage and that is the use of certified organic ingredients that are considered to be far superior for the health of the entire body. These products include certified organic Aloe Vera gel and other natural products such as hair shampoo, soap, body care and facial care.

Many consumers who have tried natural personal care products are now so firmly convinced of the benefits of these items they have completely switched from non-natural products. Such consumers often see the purchase of natural health and beauty care products as a sound investment in their overall health as well as a way to contribute to the improvement of the environment around them.

Obtaining natural health and beauty products is not at all difficult. Natural products can be easily purchased through the convenience of the Internet. Locating products is as simple as a click of the mouse. Items can then be quickly shipped to your home so that you may begin to enjoy the benefits of natural personal care products for yourself go to:

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Good news! Amazon’s Kindle readers are bound to be bigger and better. On May 6, 2009, Amazon Kindle DX was introduced as the latest ebook reading system from Amazon. The model features a 9.7-inch display with 1200 x 824 pixel resolution. Kindle DX is the first among the Kindle model with an accelerometer, which enable automatically rotating pages at landscape and portrait orientations. This much-improved, compact, lighter, easy-to hold and svelte device is due to be released on June 10, 2009 to retail at $489.

Amazon Kindle DX was launched at the New York City’s Pace University Campus, 3 months after the company has introduced Kindle 2. Coinciding with the model launch is the announcement of Amazon’s partnership with several universities and newspapers, which promises more exciting download features for KindleDX. Expectedly, the promising design features of the newest Kindle model, which include bigger screen and more of the convenient ebook reading features, is questioned on whether or not it can successfully replace paper and ink, things that the original Kindle model pulled off.

Kindle DX is 0.38-inch thick, a tad thicker that the 0.36-inch Kindle 2. However, its clear advantage goes to its 9.7-inch electronic ink display. It technically offers 2.5 times more of the early model’s screen size, which will enable readers to enjoy more stories, graphics and images on each page. However, giving the model bigger screen resulted to a slight increase in the device’s weight (DX weighs about 18.9 ounces) and a $130+ price difference from Kindle 2.

Thanks to the model’s sleek ergonomics, the added weight and size did not cause the device to be bothersome to carry and hold. However, it is not as compact and portable as its predecessors. Because of its larger size, it requires a larger bag or briefcase to carry for stowaway purposes.

One design point that serves to Kindle DX’s advantage is that it shares the same functionality with the Kindle 2 and more. It comes with a larger memory at 4 GB with 3.3 GB usable internal memory and 2 expansion slots. Hence, this feature enables the model to carry as much as 3,500 books.

Take caution that the new Kindle DX has a sealed-in, non-removable and rechargeable battery. It can last up about two weeks of battery life, enabling the users to judiciously enjoy its built-in 3G wireless data connection applications.

In addition to the expanded memory, another design point for Kindle DX would be its new native PDF support and convenient portrait to landscape orientation features. It also offers convenient settings and adjustments on the text font size and one the number of words displayed on each line of the text. The new KindleDX also shows potential of a highly competitive display features as it delivers a great job in displaying graphics and charts in 16 shades of gray. Hence, its partnerships with the universities is expected to make the gadget the better alternative to carrying thick and heavy loads of chemistry and other academic books that lightens backpack loads.

From a consumer electronics standpoint, the new Kindle DX is not that perfect. However, it shows incredible promise of being a favorite gadget among avid mobile book, newspaper and magazine readers, professionals and students alike. Although the initial retail price of Amazon Kindle DX somewhat restricts its market size, avid readers of all kinds and ages is likely to gravitate towards Kindle DX regardless of the price, thanks to the interest momentum set by the two successfully Kindle models.

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Shopping for back to school purchases can often be expensive. Between purchasing new clothing, shoes and needed school supplies, you may find that your budget is terribly over stretched. A better way to shop for back to school needs is to find sales, discounts and specials that can help to save you money.

If you have ever purchased school supplies you probably know that most retailers offer deals around this time of year. These deals can help you to stretch your budget to include everything that your child needs for the new school year. You can also look online for a variety of deals and specials that can help you to save money as well.

Use coupons when possible. Coupons offer one of the easiest ways to save money. The problem is that most people simply overlook using coupons when they are doing their shopping. They simply do not want to bother with clipping out a coupon just to save a few cents. However, when you are shopping for school needs, a few coupons can actually add up to major savings.

You can also look online for specials and deals for things such as computer equipment, shoes and clothing. You may find that even online retailers offer good deals around this time of year. Find online discount and coupon websites that can help you save additional money as well. You can find many online codes at School Supplies:  and 
Office Products:  for online shopping or printable coupons for local retailers that can really help you to stretch your dollar.If you have more than one child heading back to school, then stretching your money is even more important. Finding online deals, discounts and coupons can help you to ensure that all your children’s school needs are met as well as your needs regarding your household budget.

Many forex automated trade programs promise big overnight profits with no effort required from you, but don’t get pulled into this easy forex scam, read my full account here.

I got pulled into purchasing more than a few automated trade programs which turned out to be an easy forex scam to get sucked into after being lured in by testimonials and proven performance and “backtests”. Typically I would pay my money and these systems were up and running quickly enough. I made a small investment for them to toy with. Most of them didn’t do much of anything at first, but eventually I would check into my balance in their respective accounts and find that I was slowly losing money each time.

Upon investigation of many of these system’s track record in my campaign, I found and my major complaint was that most of these systems traded much too recklessly. Ultimately they would always came out behind, on average losing 20% of my initial investment. I mean many systems’ sole purpose is to make you money, when they’re doing just the opposite it’s time to cut the cord and blow the whistle.

I’ve subsequently gotten into a new automated trade program known as FAP Turbo. With this system I’ve consistently made money each week I’ve let it run and the reason is simple. The fundamental, important difference between the easy forex scam that is most of these other programs and FAP Turbo is that it focuses entirely on lower risk/reward trades.

In essence, FAP Turbo doesn’t do anything that a high profile full service broker couldn’t do. But the difference is that it trades in your service 24/7 without charging you fees or commissions on your gains. It’s like having a full time forex trader in charge of your money who knows what he’s doing and makes the right moves constantly, but for a one time cost.

Don’t get pulled into the same easy forex scam as I did. If you don’t have or want to take the time to learn the forex industry, I heartily endorse FAP Turbo and can vouch for its winning trade rate. I even put together a much more elaborate in depth review at 
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Summer classes are starting, study for college entrance exams has begun, and in just one month parents, students and teachers will start buying supplies for back to school. More than other years everyone is looking for ways to save money and make back to school shopping affordable and convenient.
Thousands of school supplies, monthly school supply deals, and many items qualifying for FREE Super Saver Shipping, it’s the smart place to shop for parents, students and teachers. For a limited time, purchase $100 or more in one order from the eligible office products below, and you’ll receive a promo code good for $20 towards your next purchase of eligible products shipped from and sold by Offer valid on purchases made July 1-31, 2010, on products sold by Does not apply to purchases made from other sellers on the website. Simply purchase $100 or more of qualifying items in one order, and once your order has shipped you will receive an e-mail with your promo code. Limit one promo code per customer
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