We all know how hard it sometimes is to get a man to share his feelings. I mean, isn’t it hard enough just to get him to listen to yours? Many women wonder it’s so darned hard to communicate with a man on a feelings level, as well as why they get annoyed or unresponsive every time they try.

The answer to the “mystery” is actually pretty simple. Most women talk to men the same way they talk to their girl friends – by talking about their feelings, and down to the very last detail at that. When women talk to their girl friends, these kinds of conversations make everyone around the coffee table feel more connected with each other.

Well, it’s not rocket science, but things simply don’t work that way with men.

In fact, a lot of men out there are constantly annoyed with the way their women communicate with them. And it doesn’t even matter if they love their girlfriends so much – the bottom line is that it’s annoying for them, and it keeps the relationship from settling into a much deeper level.

And so many women don’t realize it. Just think – could this be the reason why so many relationships don’t work out?

I don’t know for sure, but I do know that women who can communicate at the guy’s level enjoy healthy relationships that last much, much longer than those who can’t. These women have realized that getting into the minds of the men in their lives helps them connect with each other more easily, and it encourages their men to listen and share their own feelings as well.

I know, it doesn’t sound fair that you have to actually work to get into his mind. But that’s how the world works, and most things in the world don’t work the way you’d like them to.

It’s not all bad, however. Think of the benefits of being able to communicate with your man as easily as with your girl friends. Getting him to share his feelings opens the relationship up to a lot of possibilities, such as letting it last forever. It does happen, and it can happen if you do your homework!

Besides, you already want the relationship to grow stronger and deeper anyway. Being able to communicate with your boyfriend/husband will do just that – and more. You’ll be surprised.

So lean back and think: What kind of response have you been getting from him? Is he uninterested, annoyed, or just plainly unresponsive? Or is it easy for him to empathize with your feelings, and readily does what’s necessary to keep the relationship blooming? When you find out, it’ll be much easier to realize what you’re doing wrong, or which areas in your conversations need a little work.

In the end, you’ll realize that most of the great relationships out there isn’t really about looks and compatibility and all that nonsense – these relationships last because of great communication. After all, if you and your boyfriend had nothing to hide from each other… well, you get the idea.

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