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We all know how hard it sometimes is to get a man to share his feelings. I mean, isn’t it hard enough just to get him to listen to yours? Many women wonder it’s so darned hard to communicate with a man on a feelings level, as well as why they get annoyed or unresponsive every time they try.

The answer to the “mystery” is actually pretty simple. Most women talk to men the same way they talk to their girl friends – by talking about their feelings, and down to the very last detail at that. When women talk to their girl friends, these kinds of conversations make everyone around the coffee table feel more connected with each other.

Well, it’s not rocket science, but things simply don’t work that way with men.

In fact, a lot of men out there are constantly annoyed with the way their women communicate with them. And it doesn’t even matter if they love their girlfriends so much – the bottom line is that it’s annoying for them, and it keeps the relationship from settling into a much deeper level.

And so many women don’t realize it. Just think – could this be the reason why so many relationships don’t work out?

I don’t know for sure, but I do know that women who can communicate at the guy’s level enjoy healthy relationships that last much, much longer than those who can’t. These women have realized that getting into the minds of the men in their lives helps them connect with each other more easily, and it encourages their men to listen and share their own feelings as well.

I know, it doesn’t sound fair that you have to actually work to get into his mind. But that’s how the world works, and most things in the world don’t work the way you’d like them to.

It’s not all bad, however. Think of the benefits of being able to communicate with your man as easily as with your girl friends. Getting him to share his feelings opens the relationship up to a lot of possibilities, such as letting it last forever. It does happen, and it can happen if you do your homework!

Besides, you already want the relationship to grow stronger and deeper anyway. Being able to communicate with your boyfriend/husband will do just that – and more. You’ll be surprised.

So lean back and think: What kind of response have you been getting from him? Is he uninterested, annoyed, or just plainly unresponsive? Or is it easy for him to empathize with your feelings, and readily does what’s necessary to keep the relationship blooming? When you find out, it’ll be much easier to realize what you’re doing wrong, or which areas in your conversations need a little work.

In the end, you’ll realize that most of the great relationships out there isn’t really about looks and compatibility and all that nonsense – these relationships last because of great communication. After all, if you and your boyfriend had nothing to hide from each other… well, you get the idea.

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It may seem like a good idea at first, after all, what can be so wrong about getting romantically involved with someone at work? Well, think again – it is not only because your company might have a strong rule against romance with a co-worker or someone in the same department. There are other things involved here than just rules. You’d better think twice, and ask yourself if you are ready to handle an office romance, before you even think about flirting with the gorgeous hunk sitting next to you.

There is nothing unusual about being attracted to people you work with. After all, you are often with these people at least eight hours a day and they may be the first ones to ask you out for a drink after a long day at work. Socializing after a long day’s work can be good for establishing camaraderie which can make your office hours less strenuous, but there is every bit of possibility that those happy hours may lead to your developing a romance with a co-worker.

If this happens, ask yourself if you are prepared for all the distractions that you and your boyfriend would have to face because a new romance is just too difficult to ignore. Think how many times you may have to sneak into his cubicle just to hear his voice, touch his hand or sneak a kiss. Would you be able to concentrate on your job, knowing that your guy is just a few feet away from you?

Remember also that you and your new love may be the most current talk of the town and every single action that you make is under the public’s scrutiny. When your guards are down, you may suddenly overhear a group of officemates talking about you and your new romance.

It will become increasingly difficult to keep the relationship private, when every little argument that you may have with your boyfriend will be circulated in the office grapevine.

You will find out sooner or later that you are always being watched. What can be more worse than this situation is if you end up dating your boss! He may be your immediate boss or one of the top guys in the company, but whoever he may be, you may easily be judged as a social climber, an opportunist who will stop at nothing just to get to the top.

You will be the subject of envy and you will most probably earn a lot of enemies. Thus, if you are seriously considering getting involved with your office mate or even worse, the boss, consider the possibility of moving to another department or even another company, just to create some good distance between you and your new love. This way, your relationship may stand a good chance of surviving, without the nosy comments from your co-workers.
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If the woman you love thinks that you are worth for something, then you got to be worth for it. You will try hard to live up to her expectations. A woman can encourage and motivate you like no other thing or person in the world. Therein lays the advantage of being with a great girl. If she likes you, she will make sure that you become the best you possibly can and the best she possibly can have.

A guy will try to break all boundaries to do things that will get the woman of his dreams closer to him. It’s not just about lust that we are speaking of but it’s about the feel of being with the girl that brings out the best in the man. There is a lot of positive energy that a man uses to do things to impress the girl, but if this energy can somehow be transmuted towards something more productive, it helps in the long run. But this can only be made possible by that pretty thing that you have set your heart upon.

A little touch of support and curt words that tell you that she is with you all along, both in good and bad times will boost you up. While a guy always tries to please the girl at each turn, he in a way is controlled unknowingly by the same. It is for the woman to realize how she can help the guy who loves her so much.

In certain situations it’s their girlfriends and wives that a guy turns to for advise rather than their best friends or parents. Well…it’s the nature of a man and you cannot blame the species for it. While they look ruff and tuff, they are pretty soft from inside. However every guy or for that matter any person regardless of the sex has a lot of potential but it needs a good catalyst to divert all the energy in a positive direction.

A boy behaves at his best when in the presence of his girlfriend. He will follow the etiquette written in the book to show that he is the best person she can have. So why not use it for the betterment of his?

Sex desire is the most powerful of all human desires. Driven by this, a man develops will power, courage, persistence, keen imagination and creative genius that were earlier unknown to him. The call is so impelling that the man will even risk his reputation and life to achieve it. But if it is properly harnessed and it gets redirected along better lines, the motivation maintains all the above mentioned attributes. Be it in the field of art, literature, or any profession, these forces can work in bringing greatness. The only thing that is needed as we said is a catalyst in the form of a woman.

History has proven many a times how great a role a woman plays in creating a great leader, the best example being Napoleon Bonaparte. So why can’t you?

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